About Us

Our mission is to support the growth of Hawaii agriculture.

The Synergistic Hawaii Agriculture Council (SHAC) is a State of Hawaii non-profit organization.  In an effort to better market Hawaii commodities to foreign and domestic markets, three statewide agriculture associations founded SHAC. 

The three founding associations - the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association (HPIA), the Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association (HFNA), and the Hawaii Coffee Association (HCA) - represent 519 businesses, from growers to processors and shippers, stretching across the State of Hawaii.  These associations represent 90 percent of their respective industry’s production.

Hawaii commodities face the same challenges: geographic isolation, high cost of doing business, year-round plant diseases and pests, and lack of marketing funds. Our mission is to unite our members’ resources and support the growth of Hawaii agriculture.
Suzanne Shriner